A permaculture workshop took place at the Metairie Rouge from the 18th to the 30th of May 2015.

Il était animé par Bernard Alonso, formateur québécois, qui consacre sa vie à la diffusion de la permaculture, notamment  la permaculture humaine.

The aim of permaculture is to recreate viable ecosystems first by observing, then by creating inter-relationships. It is applicable to every field, agriculture, housing, social relationships etc…

We were 25 trainees and we were lucky enough to be hosted on site in the guesthouses or in tents. Moreover, vegetarian and bio meals were prepared by Sylvie, Giacinto and Gaelle for Lunch and dinner. We enjoyed these seasonal, delicious and original dishes!

During every permaculture training, there are theoretical and practical workshops. We used the space to build phytopurification basins for the guesthouses, to build a wall with dry stones or composts. In addition, for a training leading to a qualification, you have to do at least one “design”, i.e. develop a permaculture project for a specific place. In this context the place was obviously la Metairie Rouge! What future for this amazing place so that it is more in harmony with its inhabitants and with the environment? The teams of trainees led by assistants and by Bernard Alonso made several propositions which will for sure be used by Jean-Paul and Valerie in the coming years!

See other pictures on Bernard Alonso’s website: http://www.permacultureinternationale.org/