People living onsite

Valerie, Jean-Paul, Julie and Antoine live on site. They are engaged and passionate. They enable the space to live by taking care of it on a daily basis, pampering, maintaining and developing it. They feed the ground and the animals living here: horses, donkeys, hens, chicken, dogs, cats etc… They are involved in the local life via some associations and take part in the development of several projects.

A collective project

Everything started when Valerie and Jean-Paul decided to change their life, to leave the Parisian effervescence to “go back to the roots”. They started looking for a federative space where they could settle and they found it in the heart of the Lot.

But most importantly, this project had to be a collective one as this is at the heart of the spirit of la Metairie Rouge. Based on a very long-term friendship, 13 people therefore partnered to give birth to this small utopia.

Create ecological and supportive projects, exchange, share, transmit, resist, invent, dream, here is the outline of our ambitious project.

Et nos animaux !