Last autumn, a human permaculture workshop led by Bernard Alonso took place at the Metairie Rouge from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November 2019.

Around 10 trainees met for 5 days in a joyful and warm atmosphere led by Bernard, the organiser, Honor, the facilitator and Stephanie and Audren, two trainee assistants. There were hosted in the guesthouses and fed by Giacinto and Muriel who cooked delicious vegetarian and local meals.

This training is for everyone with the aim to improve our human relationships in every domain, but especially with the aim to conceive together a viable project: economic, social, field based or just living together way of living. It is for everyone wishing to improve and/or build their life path to fulfil or reach a comfortable balance.

Bernard Alonso uses simple tools inspired by natural mechanisms. The principle of permaculture is adapted to the human being and to groups.

Practicing human permaculture will bring practical tools to create a synergy in which all the trainees simultaneously have the space needed for their own fulfilment but are also harmonised towards a common vision to build as a team.